Our Purpose
Ingrain believes that a successful project is a product of synchronization between the client’s purpose, architect’s vision and interpretation and the project support team’s commitment. Our comprehensive services are based on processes which encourage discourse and dialogue as an integral part of project development.

Strong Focus on Purpose Driven Architecture


Our team on passionate professionals, work towards exploration of the intrinsic purpose behind the project- and constantly reevaluate the project processes as a means to address those. The entire work culture at ingrain has been evolved towards looking at architecture as a service and a mission solely guided towards achieving the higher level goals of the proponents and stake holders

Spotlight on Real estate Architecture

Ingrain as vast expertise to address the complexities of real estate. Projects designed by ingrain have commanded some the highest sales, and have secured top positions across cities and micro markets.


Our Culture

At ingrain projects are an outcome of constant interactions, learnings and sharing of information within teams working across diverse locations and cultures. Welcome to the architecture hub with no boundaries.


Ingrain has grown into a large team of dynamic professionals who are focused on growth and strive to push the boundaries of performance, by learning from the past, constant experimentation's on the current and a vision for a greater future.

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